In class on 8/21
Intro to Forensic Science and what we will
be learning and doing this year.
Class expectations and procedures

What is Forensic Science

What is a Crime Scene

Crime Scene Processing as a first
responder and as a Crime Scene

Observing - How well would you do as a

Homework on Observation due on Aug 28
Click on the above link for your homework
You will also need to click on the
Forensic Science Text link at the top right of
the page.
8/28 - In Class

Where to begin? What to collect
as evidence?

Crime Scene Investigation and
Evidence Collection

How do you decide what is
evidence and what isn't?

Locard's theory

First Responder at a crime scene
Homework for 9/4 and 9/11
Click on the above link for homework details.

Do NOT try to do this assignment at the last
minute. It just won't work
In Class 9/4 and 9/11
Terrorism and the events of 9/11/2001
I will talk to you about my time as a disaster volunteer at
Ground Zero.
The Day the Towers Fell
HIstory of 9/11 and Terrorism
The attacks on 9/11/2001 were the worst attacks - ever - on
our country.
It was the largest crime scene in history.
Role of the first responder on 9/11/01
compared to what the role was in your homework
Next, I want you to discuss what you've learned
from your homework.

1. Challenges processing the largest crime scene our
country has ever had.
2. How this has changed security in our country. Has it
3. Recent events and our privacy vs security.
Homework for 9/18

Textbook Chapter 2 Print off the

for your notebook and print off the 4
pages of questions at the end of the
chapter for homework.

1st Quiz on 9/18

What will be on the first quiz?
In Class for 9/18


Manner and Cause of Death

All about Fingerprints
Homework for 9/25
Review Manner of Death and
do the CSI:Experience
Manner and Cause of Death
CSI The Experience Homework
In Class for 9/25  All About Fingerprints
Demonstration of using super glue to discover

The role of fingerprints in crime scene
In class activity -
Taking fingerprints
Dusting for Fingerprints
Bring your own baby wipes.

We will start discussing blood spatter if we have
enough time.
Homework for 10/2
Blood Spatter
Blood Stain
Pattern Analysis
You do not need to print off the Blood Stain Pattern
Analysis. It's too long, but you need to take notes
and turn them in.
In Class for 10/2

Weather Permitting

Additional Blood Spatter info

Outside Activity -

Blood Spatter, directionality, size,
Homework for 10/9
Results of Poor Crime Scene Processing
Click here for the rest of your assignment.
Blood Spatter Case Analysis
In Class for 10/9

We will do blood spatter
today weather permitting.
Dress to get messy.

Serial Killers Powerpoint
Introduction to serial killers,
Similarities of serial killers,
Famous Cases, Beltway Snipers,
Serial Killer Myths

America's Book of Secrets:
Serial Killers
Homework for 10/16
Read 10 Myths about Serial Killers

This is a new link.
10 Myths about Serial Killers
Serial Killers Info and CSI Adventures Homework
In Class for 10/16/Homework for 23rd
We are off schedule because of rain
We did blood spatter on the 16th and
started serial killers on the 9th.
Beginning Forensic Psychology - Read for the 23rd
Famous Early Profiler
Profilers and their role in solving crimes. Profiling errors and
the Beltway Snipers
Serial Killer Myths
Famous Cases
Homework for 10/23 - Read - we will discuss on the 23rd

Psychopath vs Sociopath
In class on 10/23

Continuing forensic psychology

You will have a short quiz on the 30th.
Remember, I will be asking you about
chain of custody again on this quiz.
I will tell you in class what will be on the quiz.

You will be making a crime scene sketch
on the 30th after the quiz.
In Class on 10/30
Crime Scene Sketching
Bring tape measures
Quiz 2
Homework for 11/6
You will need the following supplies for 11/6.  
Flashlight, measuring tape, evidence markers,
camera, pen, pencil, ruler, plain paper (copy paper). A
hard surface to write on - clipboard if you have it.
Review the crime scene processing practice for
homework. Seriously. Review it. Handling evidence,
chain of custody, handling difficult evidence.- You
will be graded on how you handle yourself during the
crime scene.
Evidence Markers
In Class for 11/6
Crime Scene
In Class on 11/6


Directions will be given in
Bring the supplies listed under
homework. REVIEW crime
scene processing and be
prepared to step into any role
at any time.
Homework for 11/13

Let's practice what you've learned so far with this
interactive activity.

Write a few sentences and let me know how you did. If
you miserably mess up just do it again. I didn't get it
done on the first try.

Solve the Murder
In Class on 11/13 and the 20th

Finally, you get to start learning how to detect lies. Just in time
for Thanksgiving! Remember, use this knowledge carefully.
You will watch a video, practice what you learn, and then
practice on each other. This will take up both class periods.

I haven't decided for sure on the homework for 11/20 so don't
work ahead. Ok? Posted 10/21/14.
Homework for 11/20
Watch this video. If you can't watch it on
the website, this is the link. I didn't think it
was very graphic but stop watching it if it
bothers you.

Watch Post Mortem on PBS. See more from FRONTLINE.

Post Mortem
In Class 11/20

Discuss Post Mortem Video
Body Language Video
Body Language No-No's

Homework for 12/5

December 5 homework
In Class for 11/30

Completion of Body Language Video

Intro to Interviewing Techniques

Interrogating vs Interviewing
Homework for 12/7

Arriving at the scene

In Class for 12/12

First practice of interviewing techniques

No homework for 12/12
Homework for 1/11 and 1/18

Interviewing Information
Reid technique case studies
Statement Analysis
Interrogation Techniques
In Class for 1/11

How Police Interrogation Works

Susan Smith Confession Statement
The above links are what I used in class. You
will need to read all of How Police
Interrogation Works. Print it out, highlight it,
and learn the steps to the Reid technique.
Other articles also need to be read. We will try
to primarily use the Reid technique.
In Class 1/18

All about Forensic Artistry
FACES software
Baby Grace
Baby Grace
Intro to firearms and toolmarks

Finish the Rookie Training. Toxicology,
firearms, and ethics should be the ones
Do case 3. If you have already done
case 3 then move on to case 4.
Try to take a screenshot of your
completed work to hand in. If you can't
do a screenshot then maybe a picture
of it on your phone and email it to me or
text me or however you can think of to
do it.
In class 1/18

Death investigation 1
Forensic Science Home and Assignment Page/Syllabus
2017/18 School Year
Mrs. Becky Bowman, Instructor
Contact me at
Click on link on the left for umbrella school information
Homework for 1/30
The Autopsy
Scroll down and read all of Cause of death, time of death,
marks of violence, and evidence storage. It probably would
be good to read manner of death as a review. Marks of
violence and time of death are especially important for the
crime scene.

Dirty Bombs
information/ NEST Team

Basics of bones and
forensic anthropology

Dr. Bass info
Homework for 2/7
Are you a psychopath?

More crime scene info
In Class for 2/7

Dirty Bomb movie

Organized into
teams for next
week's crime scene
Homework for 2/13 - Crime Scene Today

Camera, gloves, notebook and pen, flashlight, and
anything I've forgotten.

Review processing a crime scene and
really work on
your interviewing skills.

Read these for interviewing tips/help

What is a Field Interview
Vary questioning style with witnesses
School is out because
of weather -

Complete your
homework on
handwriting analysis,
be prepared to present
your findings on the
crime scene to your
group ( I'll help you with

Check back because
you will have an
additional assignment.
Unless you have turned
in your handwriting
analysis assignment
EMAIL me and I will
send you the chapter.
Even if you emailed me
once - do it again. I'm
not sure I received it
from everyone.

In Class for 2/20

We'll work on how to
present your findings.
Homework for 2/27

Complete your part of processing the crime scene
and preparing your part of the presentation
In Class for 2/27

Present your
findings to the

analysis in class
Homework for March 6

No Homework for March 6
I'm busy working on the crime scene on March 31st and
I hope you will take this chance to review the things
you must know. Blood spatter, how to handle evidence,
and so on.
In class for March 6

We'll start learning
about the steps to a
trial and how cases get
started. I will go over
Criminal Charges,
Accomplices, and
Criminal Court
Procedures. I have
put links up for you to
read thoroughly as
Homework for March 13

Criminal Charges
Criminal Court Procedures
In Class for March

Evidence, Tire
Tracks, Tool Marks
and Making Casts
Homework for March 20

Isn't this Spring Break?
In class for March 20
Homework for March 27
In Class for March
Welcome to High School Forensic Science! I will communicate with students and parents through this website and it will be updated as necessary.
You are always welcome to text or email me with additional questions.

This year you will be using a book on a CD for many of your assignments. The book will be supplemented with additional materials both in and out of class. It is a book for high school students and I think you will like it. On the calendar below I let you know what we will be
doing in class and when your homework is due. Pay attention carefully to the dates and check each week as homework and what we do in class is subject to change.

1. Assignments due at the beginning of class each week. Many times we will often go over assignments in class. Please have your work done by the beginning of class.
It will be difficult for you to progress in the class without doing your homework. I will accept homework 1 week late if you have a good excuse! However, there are times in life when you have unusual circumstances so as long as you let me know I'll work with you
2. All of your assignments will be found on this page. If a link is broken or the page doesn't load correctly please consider it your responsibility to notify
me immediately and I will fix it.                    
3. I want and expect you to contribute to the discussion in class. It will be more interesting for all of us for you to share your information.
4. Please be on time to class. It is frustrating to have to repeat information  3 or 4 times each week.
Keep a separate notebook just for this class. You will need to refer to it. Keep all your homework, notes, printouts, and so on in this notebook. It will be checked occasionally and
this is where you will keep your grades. Your parents and you will be able to keep up with your grades through the notebook.
Bring paper, pen, or pencil to class each week!
6. Be respectful and helpful Each week I will need help getting my cart to my car and we have to put up chairs and have the room cleaned up. Be nice and take turns!
8/17 In Class

We will go over classroom procedure and get to know
each other. I will give you a flash drive or cd to take
home and install the book on your computer. Please
return it next week.

We will start of the year by learning about observation
and how we may not be as good at it as we think.

What is a crime scene? Primary and secondary
scenes and securing a crime scene.
Homework due 8/24

Read Chapter 1 - Start learning the vocabulary
You do not need to memorize it word for word
but you need to be able to use it correctly.
Do memorize the definition of FORENSIC

Page 13 and 14 Chapter 1 Review.

Please print out the pages and write on them
for your homework. PUT THE PAGE NUMBER
QUESTION. This will make an excellent
reference for you for your tests.
If you don't have access to a printer you may write
clearly and neatly on notebook paper but try to
print it out.

Page 11 - Think critically. You do not need to write
anything out but be prepared to discuss it in class.

Remember, we do not have access to any of
the online activities in the book and you are
not responsible for them.
8/24 In Class

Discuss homework and Think Critically case studies

Crime Scene Investigation and Evidence Collection

How do you know where to begin when you arrive at
a crime scene?

What is evidence? What kinds of evidence would
you look for?

What kind of tools do you use to collect evidence?

What is the role of the first responder at a crime

p. 42
Homework due 8/31

Read Chapter 2 - Start learning the
As you read this chapter you need
to memorize the definition of
Locard's Theory. Seriously, you will
see this on a test. Just Google
Locard's Exchange Principle and
you'll get a short definition. This
the one thing I expect you to know
and remember through the entire
year. When you are 90 years old if
someone asks you about Locard's
theory you should be able to tell

Do the Chapter 2 Review pages

We will do pages 37 thru the end
of the chapter in class together.
In Class 8/31

We will review your homework in class. You need to understand
that this chapter is the tiniest part of crime scene processing and
we will be going into it in much greater detail later on.
Today we will start a 2 week exploration of the events of 9/11/01
and learn about the worst attack on our country. You will learn
what went right, what went wrong, and how law enforcement got
much better at solving crimes.

If we don't look at this in class please look at the link below before
next week.

September 11, 2001 photo essay
Homework due 9/7

Follow the link below to watch the movie on 9/11.
You may choose another movie if you like. They are
all over YouTube. Make sure it is a full length movie
or documentary. 45 minutes or so.

Write a paper imagining your reaction if you were
there. There were elementary and high schools
directly across the street from the towers and the
students literally ran for their lives. I want it to be an
emotional response to the events such as how did it
make you feel. How do you think you would have
responded? Also, did this give you more information
about 9/11 or did you already know all of this and so
I'm not going to tell you how long to make it but it
needs to be long enough to get the job done. You
can add in new things that you learned about 9/11
or all of this may be new to you.

If this link doesn't work look it up on YouTube. It is
rough to watch but it is the truth. There are dozens
of videos you may watch but stay away from the
conspiracy ones. They're pretty much ridiculous.
9/11 After the Towers Fell
In class 9/7

I will give a presentation of my experiences at Ground
Zero and the various conspiracy theories that were
I will try to give you an opportunity to read your paper
and discuss it with the class.

Homework due 9/14

You will have a quiz on 9/15 over the first 2
chapters. Your homework is to study for the quiz.

Strongly advise to know pages 24-28 for the
In class 9/14

You will have a quiz over the first two chapters.

We will start learning all about fingerprints and

Homework due 9/21
The main term to know is latent
Chapter 6 review 146 - 148
In class 9/21

We will continue to learn about fingerprints and use
the superglue method to find fingerprints. This will be
done outside and if you wear contacts or have breathing
problems stay far away because this stinks and will
stick to your contacts.

We will start learning about the study of hair.

I have a video for you to watch on Chapter 3.
Homework due 9/28

Chapter 3 and Review through page 65.

Make sure your know the definition of trace
evidence, class evidence, and individual

Bring in animal hair or human hair with the
roots attached if possible. If you have access
to people with natural red hair try to get a
In class 9/28

You will be using a microscope and viewing hair
of different type.

We will do crime scene sketching.
Homework due 10/5

If you made below an 85 redo your test
perfectly and I will boost your score.
If you made 85 or higher you don't need to
redo your test.

Chose a room in your home. Have a sibling or
stuffed animal or something as a victim and
sketch the room as if a crime had been
In class 10/5


Instead of a crime scene on 10/19 Linli and I
think that you need to learn about blood
spatter first. We will talk about that today.

NO HOMEWORK FOR 10/12 for Fall Break!!!!

But you do have homework due on the 10/19

Do the Blood Spatter Analysis
under Homework for 11/3.

Homework for 10/26
Really review the step of a crime
scene as an investigator. You will
be processing a small crime
scene. Bring a camera or phone.
Both should have lots of memory
and battery life. Paper, pens,
surface to write on and, flashlight.

I will supply fingerprint powder and
brushes, crime scene tape, graph paper,
and so on.
In Class 10/19 - I need anyone with free time before class to
help set up for class outside.

We are going to do blood spatter outside
today. Wear shorts if the weather is appropriate
and wear/bring old shoes. I will not guarantee that
the fake blood will come out of your clothes.

n Class 10/26
Finally, we will be going outside to process a small crime
scene. You will be divided into teams and assigned jobs.  
Bring a notebook and paper. Something to write on. Pencils,
pens, ruler, and at least 1 team member needs a phone with
a good camera.

Weather permitting.
In class November 2

You will work on processing your crime scene
and presenting your evidence to the class.
This is from previous years. It is
for my reference only.
Homework for 11/9

The is the CSI Link. Complete the Rookie Training.
You will see a message that the website has been
recently updated. Click on the Home tab to get
started.  Use the sheet to complete your assignment.
You will need to download it.

CSI Website

Print off for homework
In Class for 11/2 and 11/9

We are going to start on serial killers.
Homework for 11/16

II want you to look into 3 serial killers and write a
brief summary of each. Please don't copy and paste
the info but read enough and write enough to share
with the class. You'll be reading your info in front of
the class.
Choose different ones than I talk about in class.
In Class for 11/16

You will read and discuss the serial
killers you chose to share with the
Homework for 12/1    

Next, complete the 2nd section on the CSI Website - You can use the
link from 11/9 to get to the site and click on this link to get to the
homework page.
Serial Killer Myths Let me know if this doesn't work

Part  Serial Killer movie
Part 2 Serial Killer Movie
In class 12/1

In Class we will be learning how to detect liars and
begin learning about how to interrogate someone.

How Police Interrogation Works

Why suspects confess
Homework for December 7

Do part 3 of the CSI website. You will be learning
about additional tools to use to collect evidence. We
will be doing casting of footprints or tire marks next

I am having trouble collecting a piece of evidence on
in this scene and can't move on until I do. I think it is
my touchscreen computer. If you have this problem
go on to scene 4.

No homework for December 14.

In Class for December 14

Continue with interrogation and maybe practice
1/11/18 in Class

Today we are going to learn about tool
marks and make tool marks and
examine them. We will do a few tool
mark activities in class.
1/18 homework and 1/25 Homework and In Class on 1/18


Read Chapter 17 Ballistics only to the middle of page 498. Stop at

N CLASS ON 1/18 - If any of you want to share your knowledge of
guns now if the time. You may NOT bring a gun to show.

We will do an activity to determine the trajectory of bullets.

You will watch and learn about the DC Snipers. I want you to find
all the ways that law enforcement messed up. A lot!

Homework for 1/25

Finish Chapter 17 on Ballistics

Do only page 505 for homework
In Class on 1/25

We are going to learn about the Chris
Newsome/Channon Christian case.

Homework for 2/1

Chapter 15 Casts and Impressions

Do page 447 AND #20 on page 449

Bring to class. We will go over it
In Class on 2/1

Today we are going to learn about forensic
artistry and recreate Faces from a real facial
reconstruction program. Until my daughter has
her baby I may be changing lesson plans. Baby is
due on the 4th so it won't be long.

Today we will do Dental Molds in class
and other casts/impressions if we have time. (Nope -
not today.)


We will grade it in class
Homework for 2/8

Chapter 11

Read all of the chapter including the Careers in
Forensics about Dr. Bass.

Do the Chapter 11 Review only the True or False
for homework. HOWEVER, read each short answer
question and be prepared to discuss it in class. If
you do not participate and discuss in class then I
will start assigning more homework.  
In Class on 2/8

Discuss Chapter 11

You will watch videos on the Body Farm

Homework for 2/15

Read and make some notes or
highlight and print. We will probably
make molds today.

Human Bite Marks
In Class on 2/15  and Homework for 2/22

We will watch a video on arson and discover if Texas executed
an innocent man. 3

Death by Fire