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In class 1/12

Color replacement
eraser tool
Color range tool

We will install
image ready on
your computer if
you don't already
have it on there.

Homework for 1/19
In Class for 1/19

We're going to make gif's in image ready.

You need to have at least 6 pictures
downloaded to your computer that are in
a series. Look at the examples for ideas.
Homework 1/26    SKIP IMAGE READY

Make your own Image Ready
Animation. Read the directions
carefully. After I receive them I will try to post
them on this web site.

Send your gif to me 2 ways - as a gif and as
html. Not html plus images but html. I think
that's what I need to get it on my website.

Image Ready Tutorial
Bring at least 4 related pictures to
class. Ex. 4 pictures of your dog in the
snow, 4 at Dollywood, or any 4 with a
related theme. High quality pictures
In class

We are going to
start on these
projects today in
class. If we
don't get done you
will need to do it
for homework.

Woven pictures
and Warped
Homework for 2/2 -
because some don't have image
ready I told you to do finish the
woven picture for homework due
on 2/2

Make your own woven picture
OR warped photo for homework.

Your choice of assignment.
In class for 2/2

We will unzip or tear a picture to reveal
another picture inside Actually, we are going
to do the homework in class and you will
need to do unzip the kitty for homework.
Unzip the Kitty
Homework for 2/9

You will create your own opening or unzipping or
exploding a picture to reveal another. However you
choose to do it.  Here is a link if you need help.
Remember to do unzip the kitty for homework OR you
may use any type of picture that makes sense. If you find
unzipping the kitty too difficult then do another tearing
photo to reveal another.

I have repeatedly tried to get the link to work for tearing
a photo to reveal another picture and it just won't work.
I'll try again.

Go to this link for inspiration to choose 2 animals to
combine to work on in class on 2/9. You MUST find and
download 2 or more animal pictures to work on in class
next week. Again, this is just for inspiration. If this link
doesn't work you can google - combine 2 animals
photoshop - you will find ideas there.

In class for 2/9

We will combine 2
animals to make a
new one.
Homework for 2/16

Here's the link. Combine animals tutorial
In class for 2/16

This week you are going to figure something
out for yourself. I'll show you what it is and
you will need to figure out how to do it.

Bring some pictures of an animal, car, plane,
person, or so on that is small on a large
background. Bring several to choose from.

Telling Stories with Shadows
In class for 3/12/15

Get out your pen
and paper.
You'll need to take
We're going to
take a break from
the creative part of
photoshop and
work on
improving your
technical skills.
Homework for 3/12

Removing difficult areas such
as a sky that you want to change
but it's covered by trees.

You will need to extract the background from a
photo. The background needs to have trees or
hair that is difficult to remove. Replace the
background with something else. Send BOTH
pictures to me.
In class for 3/19

Homework for 3/19


3/26 In Class
Homework for 4/2
In Class for 4/2
Homework for 4/9
In Class for 4/9
Homework for 4/16
In Class for 4/16
Beginning 4/23 Students will be working in
class on an individual portfolio. Each student
will need to have 4 different projects done
that they will share with the class during the
last 2 weeks of school.