In Class 8/18

1. Please come to class with Adobe Photoshop
already installed. Here is a link to follow to install
it. You may install the full Creative Suite or just
Adobe Photoshop CS2. You will need to create an
Adobe ID before installing. Follow the links to
install for either a Windows or Mac operating
system. I have a site license for this version of
photoshop so it is fine to download it. I can provide
my license number if you need it, but you will be
fine following this info to download.
How to download photoshop for free

2. Your battery MUST be fully charged for class or
you must bring an extension cord.

3. I will explain Dropbox to you on the first day of

I will show you how to rename your homework so
that I will know it is your work
A Dropbox invitation has been sent to each name I
had on the paper that was passed around. If you
didn't receive the invitation please email or text
me. When you text please put your name in it!
Homework for 8/25

Complete the Intro to Photoshop pages but
do NOT do the peacock.
Be sure to check your email for the invitation to the
dropbox folder.

Remember to send your homework to dropbox.
Right click on the homework picture and rename it.
Nate_1_8_25 for the second picture it would be

Pages 1 thru 6
In Class

Open the picture
Child with Red Eyes
All of the pictures for the first part of
the class should be in the Pictures
folder on your computer.
Remove Red Eye and Peacock 20-28
We'll start working with the selection
tools today.
Homework for 9/1

Learning about filters

Filter Homework

Go to the pictures on your computer and
download the pictures for this assignment.

This is what you'll do for every assignment.
Work Done in Class
Wind Blown Hair 34-38
Open the picture  Face Woman
Homework for 9/8
Practice with the selection tools as much and as
often as you can. These tools are something that
you'll use every, single time you use photoshop.
The faster you learn to use them the faster you can
get to the "fun stuff".
Bring some of your favorite pictures for class next
week. Use this link to help you with learning
selection tools. Download this sunflower picture
and cut out the sunflower for homework. I will put
directions on this link. FOR 2nd ASSIGNMENT

Selection Practice
How to use selection tools
In Class 9/8

Selection tool are tricky and we will work
on those today.
Homework for 9/15
I've given you a lot of good
notes on this assignment. I think you
can do it alone, but if you have
problems bring it to class next week.

There was an error on this page so do
the In class 9/15 for homework due on
9/8. If you can't do it just wait and we
will do it in class.
In class 9/15
The first project is called
Adding Motion to an Image.
The tricky part to this assignment is
using the magnetic lasso tool. My hint
is to click a lot - a whole lot
to make many points

Smart Car 40-24
Homework Part 2     Motion Blur
Homework Part 3
Homework for 9/22

Child with Dog

Download the Child with Dog
image for class on 9/22.
Work Done In Class

Today we're going to start working with layers.
This is one of the most important parts of
Photoshop and what makes it a  special and
unique program. Have the image
Child with Dog
downloaded before class.
Homework for 9/22
Go over how to use the Marquee tool and practice it.
Go to the next box for your other homework assignments.
Adding Person to Background
How to use the Marquee tool
Homework for 9/22
Go to the previous box also for 9/22
You'll be repairing a broken airplane
propeller using the magnetic lasso tool.
Next, we'll work on a picture with the
clone tool.

Replacing Missing Parts
Work Done In Class

We're going to learn about
Freshening Dull Colors and
using several tools to improve
the colors of pictures.

Freshening Dull Colors
Homework 9/29

Coloring Different Elements in Pictures
In Class 9/29

Use the Tips, Trick,s and Help Link to help you with
info on Layers.

Layers, patterns, and puzzles
In Class 9/29

Fixing Skin Imperfections and More
Looking Thru Glass
Homework for 10/6

Put several of your own pictures on
your computer before class. Fair
warning, if you don't you'll have to use
pictures of my dogs and grandson!
Pictures should have a common theme
like vacation, snow, dogs, family.
Restoring Photos
In Class for 10/6
Today you'll make one of my favorite
projects. It will be a collage with photos
blending into each other.
Use the link at the top  right of the page for homework and info
after 10/6
This syllabus is my current plan. However, students
may progress faster or slower or need reteaching in
Photoshop and I will adjust assignments as needed.
Please check this page each week for current notes,
information, or assignment changes.
Links for you to use

How to make patterns

How to Make a Pattern in Photoshop
Free brushes, patterns, and textures

Free Brushes, Patterns and Textures click here
Michelle, These links are the pages to the book I was telling you about. You can screen shot the pages. It is a
good way to learn some techniques. Click the link that says Michelle Photo Collage to see pretty much how I did
your picture today. I will add more links if you find these pages useful. Let me know. Becky