Adobe Photoshop Course Information
Information for your Umbrella School
2014/2015  School Year

I've received numerous requests to write a portfolio letter for students to give to their umbrella
school. That becomes a fairly large chore so this is the solution that I started using a few years
ago. All the umbrella schools have accepted it without any problems.

I'm going to put the information here that will give you a lot of help with your portfolio. If you need
specific assignments, you can go to the homework page and click on your assignments and write
them down.

Second semester is trickier to do for a portfolio because you were given more creative freedom in
your assignment choices. Some of you had skills that were more advanced than others and went
into advanced photoshop techniques. These were not required skills, but those that some of you
developed on your own.  (Good Job!)

If this isn't enough information, let me know.   Mrs. Bowman
Photoshop Class Syllabus Fall 2014

Becky Bowman, Teacher

Fall semester is spent acquiring the skills and spring semester will be devoted to the more creative
aspects of Photoshop. All assignments will be posted weekly on my web site.
Computers should be fully charged and battery power should be used if possible. I will have
extension cords to use if needed.

*Week 1:  Your computer and Photoshop

•        Installing and locating Photoshop
•        Understanding computer maintenance and Photoshop
•        Learning how to send assignments
•        How to open a picture in Photoshop

Week 2: Navigating the work area.
•        The Workspace
•        Working with Native Photoshop Files
•        Creating and Saving a New Document
•        The Menu and Status Bar
•        Keyboard Shortcuts

Week 3: Working with tools and images.
•        Understanding Individual Tools
•        The Tool Options Bar and Preset Manager
•        Practicing Selections
•        All About Layers

Week 4:  The Selection Tools and the transform tool
•        The Selection Tools
•        Working and Transforming Selections

Week 5: All about color and brushes.
•        Understanding the Basics of Color Modes
•        The Color Picker
•        The Color and Swatches Palettes
•        Using the Eyedropper
•        Using the Info and Navigator Palettes
•        Where are brushes and how to install new brushes

Week 6: Working with selections and the Quick Mask function.
•        Working with Palettes and Context Menus
•        Working with the Crop Tool (Aligning Images)
•        Understanding Resolution
•        Sharpening Images
•        Understanding Quick Masks

Week 7: Layers, layer styles and basic retouching.
•        Layer Blending Modes, Opacity and Fills
•        Layer Styles
•        Erasing the Past
•        Basic Retouching Part I
•        Basic Retouching Part II

Week 8: Using the painting tools and basic color correction.
•        Painting Tools and Techniques
•        All About Gradients
•        Color Theory and Color Correction

Week 9: Working with actions, shapes and filters
•        Creating Edges and Frames
•        Using Filters Creatively
•        Hand-coloring Images and Graphics

Week 10: Working with type and filters.
•        An Introduction to Type
•        The Type Tool
•        The Character and Paragraph Palettes
•        Transforming Type
•        Warp Type
•        Type Styles and Effects

The rest of the semester will be devoted to specialized lessons incorporating all of the skills
learned to this point.
*Lesson plans will be modified or expanded to accommodate ability levels or to promote better
understanding of the subject matter.
Fall Semester Book used for Adobe Photoshop CS2  

The entire book was completed.   Becky Bowman, Instructor

Fastbytes for Adobe Photoshop

By D. Bause, Michael Gradias, S. Karnes, Data Becker (Firm
Edition: illustrated
Published by Perseus Distribution Services, 2002
ISBN 1585071064, 9781585071067
160 pages

The Fast Bytes Photoshop visual reference guide provides easy to follow steps to mastering all
the basic Photoshop techniques. From basic image editing to website publishing, you'll get
numerous time saving tips to this very powerful graphical editing software. Learn how to edit
images and photos quickly and easily through the many colorful examples. Experiment with
color manipulations, collages, transparencies and layering. If you can imagine it, you can create
it with the Photoshop reference guide.

-- Clear and concise instructions with full color examples
-- Create special effects with transparencies and layering
-- Image and photo editing
Second Semester Information for Adobe Photoshop CS2

Information for the second semester primarily came from
and should be considered the book that was used.
This is a statement from their website

All of our Adobe Photoshop tutorials are written by an Adobe Certified Expert with beginner
Photoshop users in mind, but that doesn't mean we only cover the basics. Far from it! It means that
even if you're learning how to create a complex photo effect, you can rest assured that every step
along the way in our Photoshop tutorials is fully explained.

Additional Information:

Second semester was an opportunity for students to use their skills and their own creativity. They
learned the basic skills first semester and built on those to make more complex projects while
incorporating additional skills.

Becky Bowman, Instructor