You can print the pages of pictures and you can circle and write directly on the pictures. You can
print them from the web site. I have added them to this page if it's easier for you to print from that.
Also, I photoshopped these to make them brighter and sharper. If you can come up with another
way to do this instead of printing it off that's fine with me.

At the end of the case there is a link to give you the results. Please try to make your very best
guesses before you click on the link. I'm curious to see how well you did. Also, to go to the 2nd
page you will need to use the link that is on the left side of the page near the top. The link at the
bottom is broken.

This is a case where you can try to analyze blood spatter and make your best guesses as to:

The type of spatter. Use your new vocabulary such as impact, cast off, transfer, contact transfer
and so on and label the pictures. Each picture should have several labels. Note all of your
observations on the pictures.

How can you tell how tall the victim is? Write on the picture that helps you the most.

Based on your knowledge of the volume of blood in the human body, do you think this was a fatal
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Analyze a blood spatter case