CSI: The Experience

This website is an interesting way to learn about a forensic science lab and get a little practice in
solving crimes. Please don't go ahead on this site. Do it as it's assigned to you. The link is below.

Read all the way through this assignment before you start or you will wind up doing your
work twice.

Homework for 9/26 - Go the link below and Click on Rookie Training and then Click on Medical
Go through all of the steps including the autopsy. I don't know why they say it's
graphic. It's a cartoon type of thing. The most important part is learning about the manner of death. It is
interesting and an easy way to learn it.
But it's wrong.
This site says that accidents are the most common cause of death (40%) and natural deaths are next
at 38%. That didn't match up with my info so I've been researching it and they're wrong. Go along with
them for the game,
but for our class Natural death is the most common cause of death and under
natural death is cardiovascular disease is the number 1 way people die.
Remember this because it will be on a quiz.

What to turn in for homework? If you know how to make a screenshot then take a screen shot when you
are at the end of the training. If you
don't know how to do that then write down the 5 manners of death
that they give you in the training along with the percentages of each.

Homework for 10/31 - Go to the website below and click on Rookie Training. Then click on
Forensic Biology. Next, click on Follow GREG
I found it helpful to have a piece of paper for notes. Go through each and every step and do a screen
shot of your results. The screenshot is what you'll turn in for homework. Don't know how to do a
screenshot? Let me know and I'll tell you how.

CSI: The Experience
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