Quiz 1 Prep Page - I will update and add to this after 9/11/14.

These are things that you must know in order to be successful in this class. We will have
quizzes on this until everyone knows all of it. The more you study and the better you do the
fewer quizzes we will have.

Be able to explain these things. I don't do multiple choice tests. *Update: I've never done a
multiple choice test but I will for this one. I want to give you the opportunity for several grades
this semester and I'll be giving a few more quizzes.

Be able to explain:

Locard's Theory

Trace Evidence and give a few examples

Physical Evidence

Primary and Secondary Crime Scene and give a good example of each

Things you don't do at a crime scene and why. Be able to name several.

Name the steps of securing a crime scene as done by a first responder

What would a CSI do when he comes into a crime scene?
Assignment Page
Assignments are worth 100 points and
quizzes are worth 200.
Part of your grade this semester is subjective. It is based on
how well you try on the crime scenes and in-class activities. As
long as you try you'll be fine.