Homework due August 28
Click on the textbook link and go to Chapter 1.

For homework you need to print off and complete pages 36 and 37.

Use excellent handwriting or I'll return it to you. If you can figure out how to type your answers
that would be best.

Note: These page numbers are the ones that are on the right as you scroll down your page in
the computer. These numbers are what your printer will print. They are not the book page

Also, print off the vocabulary words for your notebook. Begin learning the words. I do not expect
you to know the meaning word for word. You need to know the words well enough to use them
correctly and to recognize the meaning if you see it on a test. (Hint! HInt!)


No links will work in this textbook. You don't need to try to do any of those.
You don't need to do any of the labs unless I specifically tell you.
2014/15 Assignments