Crime Scene Info

April 2, 2017 3:30 to 7 - 7:30  Well, unless you really mess up but probably you will be through by 7.

Where: 1014 Janes Meadow Road, Knoxville, 37932

Phone/text - 865-363-0670 - If you are going to be late you MUST call because you might have to wait to
arrive. If you are not going to be here I have to know as soon as possible. Texting is better than calling.

What to bring:
Food/water - Have some quick snacks - I will try to have snacks but I don't know how many
people will be here so I don't know if I'll have enough.

Paper - go ahead an tear it out of a notebook. You'll be sharing your notes.
Clipboard or something to write on
Phones completely charged for photos
You will also need to video so have your phones charged for that.

More Info

BE RESPECTFUL. Every single person here is donating their time to help you do well in your class. They have
spent hours and hours working on this. You need to do a good job to make it worth their time.

Don't let the dogs out!

Clothes that can get dirty. You may be sitting in the yard or getting dirty looking for evidence. Sturdy shoes.
Don't wear sandals for this. Shorts are ok.
Girls, make sure they're long enough that you're covered
when looking for evidence.

If you have kept your notes from class you might bring them. I will try to have a notebook with all
the info in it.