Homework due on for January 14, 21, and 28 are on this page.
Homework for January 14
Time yourself. For homework put your starting and stopping times on a piece
of paper and the date you did it. Just see how good you are. It took me
several tries to get it right.
Handwriting Analysis - See if you can match them
Also for January 14

Read the mystery to the left. You only need to  turn in the last page with
your answer.
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If you have a Windows laptop please
bring it on Jan 21 and 28. I will install a
program called FACES on it for the
students to use. Please make sure I
have permission to install something
on the computer and the password if
necessary. The program is on a CD.
January 21 -
Bring a sample of animal hair on tape Thursday if you have access to an animal.

If you have a laptop that runs Windows please bring it Thursday so I can install the
FACES program. You will need to bring it on the 28th to use in class. Please be sure
that you know the password and have administrator permission to install the program.

No homework - You did the hair and fiber homework in November.