Homework for February
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Homework for February 7

We're going to continue with the CSI website. Believe me, you've already done the hardest work in the
Rookie Training. This week you're going to apply what you've been learning. You'll need to go to the
same website and click on Case Two - Canine Caper. Be sure to register to save your work. Plan on at
least an hour to complete this case. Now if you get really and truly stuck I'm going to give you a cheat
sheet link. I trust you that you won't use it if you're just a little frustrated or you're getting tired of doing
your assignment. This is for if you absolutely and hopelessly stuck. I really don't think you will need this
linke if you really try.
CSI Adventure
If you HAVE to have help
Due Feb 25

Do you remember way back in the fall when I told you that you really truly needed to know the steps to
solving a crime? Let's see if you remember them.

This is my favorite interactive crime to solve. It looks SOOO easy and it's not. Turn in your score on a
piece of paper.
CHIN Interactive
This is due on February 14

You need to follow the directions in the link for how feet and measure height. You need to measure
4 adults for this project. There is an Excel spreadsheet that will help you.
Homework for February 21

I have included links to 2 videos clips from the video "Written in Bone." These clips will help you with your
homework. Links for your homework are also here.
Bone diagram for homework
Bone Basics
The Bone Detective