Homework for February 22

Read your directions

I want you to do the following interactive for homework. You will need to register to save
your work. Otherwise, all of your work will be lost when you leave the computer. Follow
these instructions carefully.

Before you begin print out these two pages.

This is what you can turn into me. You are not going to do these in order. Actually, you'll
be doing them in reverse order. Bring these pages to class on Feb. 22.

CSI Adventures

1, Click on Case 1 Rookie Training
2. Register
3. Click on toxicology
4. Go through the training.
5. Take the exam - Print off something that shows you passed the exam OR make a
screenshot OR picture with a phone and print it off.
Homework for March 1

CSI Training - Firearms and Tool Marks - Use the same link as above

Homework for March 8

CSI Training - Canine Caper This is the first case for you to solve. Go through each step
very carefully.
Print out these pages