Each week you will find links to your homework assignment on this page. If you have
problems with a link or if a link is broken
you are expected to contact me as soon as possible.
I will need to fix the information for the other students.
What will we do in class on September 28

You will have a quiz on fingerprints.

If we have enough time we will do the following.

If the weather is good we will be outside and you
will learn how to develop prints using superglue.


Bring baby wipes.

We are ahead of schedule! Yeah!
What will we do in class November 5?

We are going to do crime scene sketching.
What will we do in class on November
We'll go outside and learn how to
secure a crime scene or we will make
What will we do in class November 19?

We will start learning about body language
and how to detect lies.
In class in January
7 - Chromatography
14 - Hair and Fiber
21 - Forensic Artists
28 - We will use FACES - a recognition
software program

We will learn about Handwriting Analysis,
Forgery, and Questioned Documents. I'll give
you the chance to practice forgery.
Homework for the whole month of January
What will we do in class on January 21?
We will learn about forensic artists today. What
do they do? What kind of training do they have?
I'll show you how age progression
works. I'll tell you about Baby Grace and how
her identity was discovered from forensic
What will we do in class on February 7?

Let's take a quick look at bones and the job
of a forensic anthropologist. Dr. Bill Bass,
who started the Body Farm, is a forensic
anthropologist. We'll watch a video from
the History Channel called Written in Bone.
What will we do in class on February 14?

Happy Valentine's Day!

We'll continue learning about bones this
week and forensic anthropology.
Homework for the whole month of February
What will we do in class on February 28?

Do you like bugs? We're going to start
learning more about bugs than you
EVER wanted to know.
What will we do in class on March 14 and 21?

I'm so sorry I missed last week. I've had the flu
and didn't want to share it with you.

On the 21st we're going to continue to review how
to process a crime scene.
April -

We will review the steps to evaluating a
crime scene and have a small crime scene in
the parking lot. Students will process the
scene and present their findings.
Homework for March and April
Homework for October 26
Homework for Nov 2
Homework for Nov 5
Homework for Nov 12
November 12 - December 10

We will do impressions, detect lies, and start to
learn how to secure a crime scene. The days to
do this are dependent on weather so sometime
during this time period we will cover these things.
What will we do on October 5?

We will start to learn about how well we observe
the world around us. Maybe I should say how lousy
a job we do observing the world around us. This
will be an eyeopener.

Homework for October 19
What will we do in class on 1/11/18        We will start learning about Mummies and bugs!     Homework for 1/18  
Homework - Only do the last page
What will we do in class on 1/18/18  Bugs, Bugs, Bugs                                                       Homework for 1/25      Homework - Click on last page and go to links
What we will do in class on 1/25/18                                                                                  Homework for 2/1        Student who completed homework for 1/25 do not have homework on 2/1
What we will do in class on 2/1/18
We will learn about forensic artistry, facial reconstruction,
and how missing people are found. We will use the
computer program FACES to reconstruct faces.
This is the real program used by police and America's most wanted.
In class on 2/15 and homework for 2/22 - Follow the link below. We are going to go over all of this in class on 2/15. Please have your parents help you with your
computer if you can't make it work. Adobe Flash needs to be installed and/or updated on your computer for this link to work. We will be doing the CSI training for homework off and on for
several weeks so you really need to get your computer to work.

UPDATE FOR MARCH 8Th - We started working on Canine Capers in class so for homework finish up the Rookie Training. I told you this in class but this is a reminder. We'll finish Canine
Capers in class on Thursday. See you then!

HOMEWORK FOR MARCH 1 AND 8 are also on this page

CSI Training Homework