Crime Scene Sketching

We practiced a crime scene sketch in class. Your homework is to make a sketch of your room at
home or any large room in your home. Be sure to include:

1. North, South, East, West
2. All doors and windows
3. Your victim's location. This can be a stuffed animal, your pet, or your sibling. There needs to b
a victim in this sketch.
4. All the measurements
5. Placement of furniture and measurement of furniture.
6. You may make your view from either over head or as if you took a box and cut it open and laid
the sides down. I find the overhead view is easier.
7. Don't forget to put the scale Ex. 1" = 1' and you'll need to put a key (like a map key).
8. You don't have to use graph paper, but I think you will find it easier to do so.

Here is a good crime scene sketch.