Middle School Forensic Science Class
Thursday Connection Homeschool Cooperative
Mrs. Becky Bowman - Instructor
                                        Middle School Forensics Information Page

ll forensic science information is found on my website. All of the assignments (syllabus) for the first
semester will be posted there. Assignments may be changed depending on the pacing of the class.

Website -

Becky Bowman - Instructor
865-363-0670 cell - Text me if at all possible

Welcome to Middle School Forensics for the 2017-18 school year. I have been teaching a college level course to
high school students for about 1
5 years and have so much forensic information to share with you this year. This class
is age appropriate for
middle school students. So we won't be going into the gory aspects of forensic science, but you
will have plenty of opportunities to learn how to solve crimes and plenty of opportunities for hands-on work.

Important info

1. Unless I hear otherwise I will assume that every student is taking this course for a grade. If you are NOT taking the
course for a grade I still expect you to do the homework and participate in the activities. You will not have to take the
tests. (I give very few tests anyway.)
2. Homework needs to be typed and turned into me each week.  (Update) If you can't type it then write very clearly
and neatly.)
3. Email or text me if you are going to be absent. I worry about you.
4. Keep all of your assignments in a notebook in order by date. Also, keep any material you print out. I really like to
see neat and orderly notebooks. You will really need the information in your notebooks as the year progresses.
5. All of your assignments will be on this website. Click on the link at the top of the page to go to the Assignment page.
Supply List - These are items that can be purchased at the Dollar Tree or you may already have them at home.

These items may be left at school.

Box of baby wipes - not the little travel pack but a big box of the cheapest ones you can find
Disposable latex gloves - about a dozen pair for the year
Small flashlight
Magnifying glass

Students will be graded on:

Quizzes (counts as 2 homework grades)
Notebook check
Demonstration of understanding of lab topics

Class participation is very important in this class. All of us need to hear different points of view and personal
experiences. Teamwork, sharing, and doing your share of work in the labs will give you extra points on your grade.

Parents,If you want to help your student in this class try discussing current events with them. The more knowledge
they have of local news (crime), events in the Middle East,  and what is going on in the world the better they will do in
this class.
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