Homework due August 31 Homework for September 7
and October 19  is listed below
Due at the beginning of class on September 14th - No extensions unless a family
emergency or illness.

Interview someone who remembers the 9/11 tragedy very well. Most adults will
remember it very well. I have given you a link to a list of questions to ask PLUS include
the extra questions I have at the end of the page.

1. Each interview answer must be in a complete sentence.
2. Some questions will require 2 or 3 or even more sentences to get the answer questioned
3. Write extremely neatly and in a nice LARGE size or type it in font 14 please.

Click here for your WTC Assignment questions

In addition to the questions in the link, here are some more questions that your may find useful.

1. Were you afraid to fly after 9/11? When would you have felt safe to fly again?
2. Think back over the last 16 years and tell me a little about how our world has changed -
especially how we feel about our safety.
3. Do you think terrorism is a bigger threat in 2017 or not as much as in 2001?
4. We have concerns about many things in our lives. Is terrorism something you are concerned
about in comparison with other political and social concerns such as health insurance, global
warming, the recent racial violence, and so on. Where would terrorism rate on your scale of

I would like for you to watch a documentary about 9/11. You can find them on YouTube and I'm
sure there will be many on the History Channel, Discovery Channel, and other channels like that
during the week of 9/11. Do NOT watch the Falling Man video. It is way too graphic for you (and for

If you know NOTHING about 9/11 and are one of the young students this is a short video. It is ok
and will give you the basics but you need to watch something else, too.

9/11 Video for Young Students
Middle School Forensics Assignment Page
Homework due September 7
Homework for Eyewitness Basics
Homework helper for Eyewitness Basics
Try to do your homework
without looking at the helper.

You'll have to use the helper to
look at the items to remember.
Go to Slide 4

Do as much of it as you can from
memory and then open up the
Click for August 31  Homework
Homework is on Physical Evidence
Homework for October 19