Education Program

with Arizona State University
The Mars Education Program is designed to encourage and inspire students to look to engineering and
science as future careers. This program will increase science literacy and will help to develop 21st century
skills. You may read more about the program at this link.
Mars Education Program
Most of the work will be done in class. However, there are some vocabulary words that your student should
learn. The definitions certainly don't need to be memorized, but if you would go over the words a few times
and discuss them with your student it will make them more comfortable in class. I will either send home a list
of words with your student. There will be a list only for the first part of the class and only every few weeks.

Supplies: Pencil, pen, notebook paper and the only other supply that will be occasionally needed is a
laptop. I have two laptops for the students to use and if we can have one laptop for two students to share
would be ideal. I will be sending you an email the week the laptops are needed.

As we get further into the year a few other supplies may be needed, but so far I haven't found any.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this class. It is a new program for me and I have been
working diligently on the materials, but there is so much that I have to stop and slow down and go step by
step. If your student misses one week it shouldn't be a problem. If they miss more than one week in a row
please contact me and I'll be able to direct them to the lesson so they can read about it and stay up with
the class.

This is going to be an exciting year!

Becky Bowman
865-363-0670 - I prefer text messages over email.