Assignment Page
In Class on 8/20

Class procedures, dropbox,
Picasa, and how to number your
pictures. Metadata, format card,
battery card, camera care
Homework for Aug 27
August 27 Homework
In Class on 8/27

How does a digital camera
work? Intro to composition.
Find grid on camera, go over
homework on 9/3 -
Do it this weekend!

In Class on 9/3

Go outside and make
pictures using the rule of
thirds. Photograph things
that are green using the rule
of thirds.
Homework due Sept 3
This link has
assignments for
September 3 and

.Homework Sept
3 and 10
In Class on 9/10
Homework Sept 17

My website didn't
while I was gone so
tonight (Tues) is when
I'm posting this. You
only need to read this.
If you don't
understand it I'll go
over it and over it and
over it in class so
don't stress. Ok? See
you Thurs. Click here
for the
speed and aperture
In Class on Sept 17

Exploring Shutter Speed and
Homework Sept 24

Click on the 9/17 link
Homework on the 24th
is there.
Homework October 1 - I have sent
everyone in class on Thursday an
invitation to join 2 dropbox folders.
Your homework instructions are on
the Oct 1 folder. If you didn't receive
the email or weren't in class please
email me immediately so I can add
you to it. I'm experimenting with a way
for us all to see each other's work.
Homework October 8

Depth of Field Homework
Homework October 15
I have collected some
"cheatsheets" for you. You
probably should print them
out and keep them. You'll use
them long after this class is

October 15 Photography
Homework October 22
Homework due October 22
I think I repaired the
broken link to writing words
with sparklers. If it is still
broken just google it.
Homework October 29

Quiz today

What is on the quiz?

Print out your very
favorite/best photo that you
have taken since school
started. It does not need to
be one that was an
assignment. Print it in color
on 8x10 paper or have it
printed on photo paper.
Photo paper really is best.
At Walmart and 8x10 is
$2.84 and at Walgreens it is
$3.99. I will bring photo
paper you can use at home.
Homework November 5

I forgot to send out a dropbox
invitation to put your
in costumes pictures.

I will do it right now. Sorry!

IF you forgot to print off your picture
please bring it in now.
Homework Jan 14

We're going to work on making
sharper pictures today and how
to use the backbutton to focus.

You need to google your camera
and find a video or article or 2 to
about how to use the back
button on your camera.

I googled how to use the back
button focus on Canon 70D and
got many videos and articles.

I want you to practice using the
back button on your camera on
at least 50 pictures this week.

I will send you a link to send me
your best 3.
Homework January 21

Read the following info
about lenses. At a minimum
read parts 1 and 6.

Understanding writing on
you'll see it on a quiz soon.

Read this about
photographing emotions.

5 Tips to Capture True

Make photographs with an
emotional connection. Put 3
in the dropbox. This should
be a planned photo shoot.
You choose the location, the
lighting, and the whole thing.

Print off your favorite
picture that you have taken
in January 2016. It needs to
be and 8x10 size. This is a
We are starting to learn how
to critique photos.
January 28 and Feb 4

We will learn how to critique
photography and the history
of photography. This is needed to
meet the requirements for this
course to give you a high school
February 11

Best 3 photos of Madison
the dog in the dropbox.
February 18

Your assignment in class was for
today was to use your camera on
fully manual mode including manual
HOWEVER, it snowed. So, you may
use your camera on fully manual
mode and photograph ice, snow,
and ice crystals if you would like to.

The choice is yours.
February 25

Macro/micro homework,
how to photograph in the cold,
and more on telling the story or
creating moods with photography.

Macro micro homework