Assignment for 9/17 and 9/24
I really tried to update your assignment while I was gone, but it just didn't work. I didn't know that until tonight.
All you need to do is to read this and try to get an idea of the concept. We'll be working on this for the rest of
the year so no worries.

Shutter speed and apertures
Photography Assignment Page
Homework for 9/24

I want you to set your camera to TV mode (Canon). Here's a link you might want to keep.

Canon Shooting Modes
Here's a link for you Nikon users. Nikon shooting modes

Everyone else will need to use your manual to find shutter speed priority mode.

1. Set your camera to shutter speed priority. This will automatically set your correct aperture (or get fairly
2. Find some running water. If nothing else the kitchen faucet will do. It would be best if you could use a hose
outside in the bright sunlight. Prop up the hose and turn it on so it is shooting in the air. If you are using the
faucet try to set it to spray.
3. Set your shutter speed at about 1500 and take a picture. If you did it right the water should be frozen into
individual drops. Now, do a series of pictures going down from 1500 to 3 seconds or even longer. Hold your
camera and pay attention to what happens. It will get more and more blurry and you lower the shutter speed.

Your picture may get lighter and lighter and turn into a white nothing. It depends on your camera.

4. Now, I want you to either use a tripod or set your camera down somewhere SAFE and take some more
pictures. Start with the shutter speed of 100. Work your way down again to 3 second or longer. This time your
pictures should be much less blurry. They're not going to be great because you're still pushing down the
shutter button and that causes some wiggling, but they should be better than before at the slow speeds.

Put 3 pictures of your choice in your dropbox. Add a note and tell me how you took them and what you noticed.
Not sure how to add a note? It's easy. You need to open a document in Word or whatever you write in on your
computer. Then, SAVE AS 9 24 Homework and your name. Next, drag it over to dropbox. That's it.

Below are the links I used to teach about exposure. You should read these and bookmark them on your
computer. You may not be able to remember all the information you need without looking it up.
What is Exposure
What is Shutter Speed