Thinking Outside of the Box
Becky Bowman - Teacher
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Duct tape - Each student will need a big roll of duct tape. Please try to purchase the
"good stuff". The kind from the dollar tree is just frustrating to use.
Later on the students will probably need to find some common supplies at home, but that
will be several months. Duct tape is the biggest need we have.

Please send me an email if you will be absent.

This course is designed to develop creative thinking skills, problem solving, teamwork, and developing
the ability to think quickly on your feet.  The course is based on the world famous Odyssey of the Mind
program. I use the program Teach Me Teamwork for the first few weeks of class. It is a program designed to
teach teamwork and the appropriate skills to any age group.

I will post occasional updates on our class activities here and
I will email you with updates and if anything
needs to be done at home
. How quickly the class progresses through the challenges I have for them will
depend on their attitude, cooperation, enthusiasm, and skills. We don't strictly have a syllabus because of the
many variables in the class.

Please encourage your child in this class. I will be asking them to do some challenges that will truly push many
of them out of their comfort zone and sometimes they will complain. If they stick with it, they'll discover that they
can face new challenges with confidence and really come up with unique solutions to problems.

These are the goals for the first several weeks of school if the class progresses quickly. More time may be
spent developing skills as needed.

These are the topics we will work on for the first several weeks.
Class 1 and 2 - Intro to teamwork problem solving
Class 3 and 4- Teamwork activity and effective brainstorming
Class 5 and 6 - Problem solving activity working in small groups.
Class 7 – Begin our first project

The progress of the class depends on their cooperation, working well with each other, and the willingness to
work hard at thinking about problems differently.
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