In class on September 4

On September 5 I will be talking to you about my experiences working at Ground Zero.

Your Homework due on 9/4 and 9/11   
1. Watch "The Day the Towers Fell " is a 4 part video. Link is on the left. This is told by photographers
and survivors. In the first 4 minutes of part 2 they talk about the people who jumped and show some
pictures. You don't have to watch it if it will upset you. It doesn't show blood but shows the people in the

2. View the short video.

3. Choose one of the other full length videos to watch. If there is one on TV or Netflix you'd like to watch
that will be fine.

4. Write a short paper about the video as described at the top of the page. If you are struggling with
having enough to write, then use information from the other videos.

5. My definition of short is  1 1/2 to 2 typewritten pages. Font size 14. Single space paragraph and
double space between paragraphs.

6. View the photo essay - Shattered. Link is on the upper left.

7. You do not need to print out anything except your paper. You may email me your paper if you

8. I have given you some additional links and hope you'll be interested enough to go through them.

9. I will expect you to participate in the discussion of 9/11. It will influence your grade.

My goal is for you to have an understanding of what happened on 9/11 from various perspectives.
Though you were very young when it happened, I never want you to forget about the worst attack on
our country. It was the largest crime scene - ever.

Homework Page for September 4 and 11, 2014  Read the entire page carefully and
look through all of the links.

I believe I have explained myself carefully, but we will go over the assignment in class. Of
course, you may contact me if you have questions. This assignment is not due until
September 11.

Please don't wait until the last minute to do it. You'll find it much more difficult and you need a
little time to think about what you've seen.
The above link has extensive coverage of 9/11. You may have to register to read everything. It's free and safe. There
is a limit of 10 articles to read for free.

On the right side of the above there is a link to Portraits of Grief. These are short little articles about the people who
died. They're not like obituaries. Sometimes they're funny and the object was to make the victims be real people to
the reader. Not just a nameless - victim.
I want you to watch  3 videos about 9/11. Watch at least one full length video, besides "The
Day the Towers Fell,"and write a short paper of the parts of the video that touched you the
most. I don't need a summary of the video. I've watched them. I want to know how this
affected you. Were you shocked? Did you have any idea that this is what had happened?
How would you have reacted? Would you have been as brave or would you have had a melt

What did you learn that you didn't know before? What were the parts of the video that
(touched you, surprised, scared, saddened, etc.) you the most?

These are only suggestions. You could even write a story as if you had been there.

You do not need to write anything about "The Day the Towers Fell" or the short video.

Below is a link to my playlist of 9/11 videos on YouTube. I would suggest watching about 5
minutes of the longer videos to see which one you like. Honestly, it depends on how much
you want to see of 9/11 or if you want it with more talk and fewer pictures.

This is a little bit about some of the videos.

Inside the Twin Towers. This is a recreation of what it was like inside and the struggle to
survive. It is played by actors but the real survivors tell their story, too. It's from the Discovery
Channel. It really makes you think of how you would react if you were there.

9/11: Inside the North Tower - This is by the camera crew that filmed the actual events. I
won't kid you - it's really really rough to watch. You need to be mature and extremely
interested in this subject before you watch it. Watch another video first then if you really think
you're up to it - watch this. I think it has some rough language in it, too. The language would
be the last thing on your mind with this video. But every year kids watch this. Just wanted to
give you a heads up.

I've put notes on the others on the YouTube channel.

The long videos are an hour or longer.  Don't pick your video based on length. Really.
Trust me on this. I've tried to provide a variety of videos, but if you don't like any of mine look
around on YouTube, Netflix, or on TV during the next week or so.

I have about 50 videos on this link. When you go to the link below you can look on the left
side and see more videos. The link starts with 9/11.

9/11 Videos for TC Forensics