Welcome to my home page of Thursday Connection classes! You will find links to
the home page of the three classes listed above. All class information will be found
on this website. If there is an error on any page please text or email me and I will
correct it as soon as possible.

I have worked at TC for 16 years and I'm still excited each week to teach and get to
know these awesome students. This is a wonderful and nurturing place for students
and a wonderful place to work.  I promise you that I will do the best I can to teach
your students well.

Please contact me with any concerns you may have about your child or the class. If
I need to make adjustments in my teaching I will, but I need to know. If there are
family problems and homework doesn't get done, just let me know and I will always
work it out with you. That's the joy of homeschooling and I embrace the flexibility.

I ask the students to turn their homework in each week but emergencies do come
up and sometimes life just jumps in the way. My 10 year old grandson stays with me
most of the time so I truly understand when life gets hectic.


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